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Born at the wrong place in History!

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I was born in March of 1960. It was all down hill from there and what a ride! I've been married, divorced once, that's enough. I have 4 grown daughters, who all turned out pretty good considering I was'nt the greatest Dad in the world. I'm amazed they still call me Dad. Between me and my present significant other we have 15 grandkids. Yeehaa! and their all fantastic and healthy, thanks to God. Yes' I believe in God. If not for him I wouldn't be here right now. I dont know if that's a good or bad thing? Anyway I've been clean over 9 years now, I own a mortgage, I still have a job and i'm amazed each day I wake up, because it truely is a miracle! I'm more of a spiritual person than religous- they bicker too much amongst themselves. I dont believe there is such a thing as a holy war, if there was we would all be shouting Bible passages at each other.